Pretend Wife to Daddy’s Best Friend: An Age Gap Pregnancy Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

Spying on my daddy’s best friend and incriminating him was the easy part. But trying to stay out of his bed? That was way harder. What did I do? I’m totally freaking out. I said yes to sleeping with him. Yes to being his fake wife. And yes to keeping all of that a secret. Yes… Life is a complete mess now. The whole point of us pretending to be married was for him to get custody of his daughter. He’s an incredible father. And he’s also used to getting his way. An alpha and a man always... [Read More...]

Free: His Reckless Heart

He was the one that got away. Or rather, ran away. One of seven brothers, all of them hot enough to need a cold shower and a blast of AC. We were supposed to get married, but he ran away without a goodbye. Something about needing to join the military and serve. Good luck, buddy. Hope it is all you wanted it to be. And here he is back again in Green Valley. A wounded warrior. Every cell in my body woke up the moment I saw him again. But I don’t trust him as far as I can throw up. I ain’t int... [Read More...]

With Us (Next Generation, #2)

  -Shade- She was young. Sweet. Feisty. But then there was him. We had been best friends for years. We lived together. Rode together. Shared women. Together. And it still wasn’t enough. Not for him and especially not for me. -Sunny- He was mine. I was his. She was ours. Meadow Rodriguez strutted into our lives and looked at us like we were all that mattered. While I wanted to dominate her, he wanted to submit, and she wanted both. I took control, giving her everything she needed and at t... [Read More...]

Spring: Book Four of The Matchmaker Chronicles Duets

Matchmakers Maggie Barnes and Rina Thorn are back “helping” two new couples navigate the journey to find love. He starts their relationship with a lie. Now he has to tell her the truth. Disillusioned by his broken engagement, Phil Wentworth wants a woman to love him for the person he is, not the riches he has. He wants a future with Marissa, but when she finds out he lied, will she forgive him? Marissa Stone didn’t expect falling in love would be so complicated. They are from two differen... [Read More...]

What’s Not Said: A Novel

In What’s Not Said, Kassie O’Callaghan, a middle-aged woman on a mission to divorce her emotionally abusive husband and start a new life with a younger man she met while on a solo vacation in Venice, learns her husband has chronic kidney disease. Her meticulous plans collapse until she pokes around his pajama drawer and discovers his illness is the least of his deceits. Then again, Kassie is no angel. The separate lives they lead collide head-on into a tangled web of sex, lies, and DNA. As ... [Read More...]

The Director

NO ONE TAKES WHAT’S MINE. The lovely attorney kept a secret from me. A baby she’s been carrying since Valentine’s night. The night we were thrown together by the roulette wheel. She never contacted me. Meant to keep me in the dark. She’s about to find out what happens when you cross a bratva boss. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Protection – Sex, Revenge & Romance (Erotic Suspense)

A gunshot, then three gals rush into a guy’s city flat, and his life will change forever. This romantic suspense story delivers shocks when they’re least expected. There’s sex, and more sex, painting a picture of unbridled lust and physical depravity, but there are many surprises as the story unfolds and leads the reader to a world of sadness and explanation. ... [Read More...]

Slater – Book One Sabela Series

How far would you go? Sabela and her ex-boyfriend had always agreed that their relationship would never be permanent. Think of it as a friendship with benefits. So when Davin left for University, they parted on good terms. Or, so she thought. When she starts seeing another man, Davin changes the rules and insists she leaves San Diego and joins him in Texas. Sabela quickly learns that “no” has dire consequences. Davin’s jealousy weaves a web of lies and blackmail to make her ob... [Read More...]