Not Fake for Long

Not Fake for Long

The one person I can’t stand wants me to be her bridesmaid.
My sister. Not that I have time for her crap.
I’m a stockbroker in training and the last thing I need is to cater to my high-maintenance sibling’s every desire.
And her first request? To learn to ride horses. So she can enter the wedding on one.
You’ve got to be kidding me. We’ve never even touched a horse before.
With lots of peer pressure and guilt-tripping, we head to a breathtaking ranch, and lucky for me, the horses aren’t the only beautiful things to look at.
The riding instructor is honestly the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Everything about him sends me in a tizzy.
Best of all, he’s nothing like my sister’s rich jerk of a fiancé.
Wealthy guys are the worst. I work for them, with them, and avoid them at all cost.
This hottie and I hit it off, and he offers to be my plus-one to the wedding, with a fake romance attached to it.
I couldn’t be more thrilled until things start to not feel so fake anymore.
I’m falling for his charm, his way with words, his scorching body.
He’s perfect, until he’s not.
Turns out, he’s a billionaire in disguise. And here I thought things wouldn’t be fake for long.
Guess I was wrong. $0.99 on Kindle.

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