Power Play Series Boxset

Power Play Series Boxset
Power Play Series Boxset – Books 1-5

Included FIVE full-length novels: Power Games, Power Twist, Power Switch, Power Surge and Power Term.

Be sucked in with hilarious banter, strong characters, drama, scandal and swoon worthy romance to discover why many describe the series as unputdownable.

I’m in over my head, failing in their power games I don’t understand.
One day I wasn’t sure I could pay the water bill for my trailer; now I’m wearing red-soled heels and sipping champagne, acting like I belong.
Everyone hates me. I’m alone in this hostile world until… him.
Saving me from the burning limo intertwined our destinies, whether we like it or not.
Secret Service Agent Trey Benson. Tall, dark, handsome—and hates me.
He thinks I’m like the other power-hungry socialites, desperate for his money and family name.
He’s the type of distraction I can’t risk. But he’s everywhere, always by my side wearing that damn mischievous smirk that makes me want to either slap or kiss it off his face.
Except our intense attraction grows too strong to ignore.
Stolen moments and secret nights wrapped in each other’s arms are dangerous, our hidden love affair the potential scandal I can’t afford.
Can I beat them at their own games with Trey by my side?
Or will love be the sacrifice I’m forced to make to get out of this mess alive? $0.99 on Kindle.

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