Anything She Wants: Beginnings

Anything She Wants: Beginnings
“Anything She Wants by MJ LeBlanc is one of those books that gets you hooked as you keep reading. If romance and sex are what you seek, then you are welcome to the genius mind of MJ LeBlanc.”

“The book has given me an enchanting experience and the characters are of immense depth which stays in the heart.”

Become rapt in a story that follows Elizabeth as she rises from the lowest point of her life with the help of a long-lost childhood friend, Carly. They rekindle a friendship that never truly died at the time when their lives took them in dramatically different directions. They quickly meet Ian, a cowboy to dream of, and they spend a whirlwind weekend filled with the rebirth of a friendship, the rise of Elizabeth, and lust that consumes all three!

Anything She Wants: Beginnings is exactly that, a moment filled with beginnings, and driven right to the end with Anything She Wants!

Read the glowing reviews on Amazon to see why this is a must-read! $0.99 on Kindle.

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