Crimson Truth

For centuries, I’ve been the king’s master of interrogation—his living, breathing lie detector.
Mutter a lie in my presence and it appears tattooed into my skin.
That’s usually enough to keep people quiet around me.

But not her.
Jocelyn, heiress to the witch queendom, lives to torment me.
And with the disappearance of our princess?
She’s become my brand new assignment.
Her skills are invaluable to bringing our princess home,
but every second together brings us closer to a forbidden line.

She’s a witch—an insanely powerful, seductive, and feisty enchantress.
I’m a vampire.
Interspecies relationships are punishable by death.
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting her.
When we’re together, it’s electric and addicting.
She’s everything I shouldn’t want, but absolutely everything I need.

With a traitor working against us, and fate drawing us closer together, we’re soon caught up in a dangerous game that can cost us everything. And in the end, we’ll have to decide if we can defy fate or let it consume us.
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