Free: The Heathen Brotherhood: On Her Behalf

The Heathen Brotherhood: On Her Behalf
CIA agent Sara Greer is on a mission to track down her life-to track down her identical twin sister. Kidnapped by terrorists following a botched military operation, her sister, Army Sergeant Sam Greer, needs her. To find her, Sara needs help. It comes in the form of an arrogant, foul-mouthed, sexually insatiable, and impossibly delicious-looking Sergeant Jake Morgan, nicknamed Tex by his group of fellow elite U.S. Army special forces operators he serves with in a unit known as the Heathen Brotherhood. Operating together under the guise of newlyweds on their honeymoon, Sara and Tex follow clues to Turkey and find themselves entangled in a dangerous plot. Their only means of escape out of the country requires them to be legally married, a situation neither expected to be in for real. But, while playing house as part of their cover, the attraction that has been bubbling under the surface boils over and blurs the lines between lust and love. Has Sara accidentally stumbled upon happily ever after with this man, or is she being played and putting her heart, and her life, on the line? When Sara receives an unexpected phone call with a new clue that could lead her to Sam, she seeks help from a mysterious ally, unraveling a twisted web of secrets. Everything she thought she knew is about to be turned upside down, and trust and loyalty are put to the ultimate test as worlds collide. With lives hanging in the balance and the Heathen Brotherhood’s future at stake, Tex and Sara will confront what it means to be a hero and will be forced to decide if the price is worth it in the end. Free on Kindle.
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