Cape Heights Volume 1: A Day Time Tv Styled Soap Opera

Cape Heights Volume 1: A Day Time Tv Styled Soap OperaWelcome to Cape Heights, a small coastal town in Oregon where the drama never sleeps! The Rutledge Family is one of the wealthy families of Cape Heights, also one of the most troubled. With years of sibling rivalries, a father and a son who were both married to the same woman, and a company in the middle of it all, can the family finally come together for the sake of saving their floundering company? Five years ago, Darius Hilton was caught in a love triangle with two women. The three of them went through hell and back together, (including murder) who did he end up choosing to be with forever? Trisha Davis had big aspirations of becoming a famous singer, she sacrificed everything to get it, including her long time relationship with her boyfriend, Adrian Emerson. Five years later she returns to Cape Heights from Los Angeles, hoping to win him back. Can Adrian ever forgive her for her major betrayal that involves a lot more than a singing career? Or does he have a betrayal of his own that might push Trisha away? Christopher Romero sacrificed everything to come to the United States to runaway from his drug cartel family in Columbia. He managed to hide from his father while setting up a nice family with a wife and daughter and he is about to become a cop. But his father managed to finally track him down, will he be able to escape him again? These stories and more are awaiting among the residents of Cape Heights where love triangles and family feuds are the daily norms!

Warning: This book contains adult language, alternative relationships, drug use, colorful dialogue, controversial subject matter, and sexually explicit scenes. This book is not for the easily offended. $2.99 on Kindle.
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