Up in Flames

Up in Flames

A recipe for love: take one stubborn celebrity chef, add a sassy, opinionated food critic, a few paparazzi, and a five-year feud. Put all the ingredients together and stir on high heat.

Luca has always known exactly what he wanted. To cook, his food his way. At twenty-five, he opened his first restaurant, but by twenty-six, it was closed – all because of one bad review. Five years later, Luca owns three restaurants. He has one iron-clad rule: food critic Maxine Stapleton is never to set so much as a big toe inside any of them.

Max knows Luca hates her, but she still can’t forget the kiss they shared. It’s been more than five years and Max has given up writing restaurant reviews. She wants to start over in Italy and dreams of owning a little delicatessen – stocking the best food Rome has to offer. The only problem is a certain celebrity chef has placed a big black star next to her name, and no one in Rome will agree to supply her store.

It takes a second kiss, even more blistering than the first, to change his mind. Now, this feuding pair are the paparazzi’s favorite couple. But in this game of pretend, is it possible that the line between hate and love is blurring?

This is the second book in the Loving the Enemy series but can be read as a standalone novel. $0.99 on Kindle.

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