Single Daddy Secret

Single Daddy Secret
I just needed a room to rent. When I called the number listed in the ad, I had no idea I was getting myself into so much more than that. Emmett didn’t even want to rent the room to me. I couldn’t blame him.
I showed up with nothing but two big suitcases, no job, and a wad of cash.
He neglected to tell me why he was being so cautious.
It turns out he’s a single dad to an adorable little two-year-old girl.
He decides to take a chance, against his better judgment and lets me move in.
That should have been the end of it. He lives his life, I live mine. Simple enough.
Did I mention he offered me a job?
Emmett isn’t just a single dad. He also works in the music industry.
Before long, I’m spending a lot of late nights with him in the studio.
And those quickly spiral into late nights in his bed.
Every night I spend with him makes me feel guiltier than the one before.
I’m not ready for a family. I can’t be the mother his daughter needs.
It’s a disaster in the making on so many levels.
So really I shouldn’t be too surprised when my doctor calls and tells me I’m pregnant.
The life I didn’t think I was cut out for is now mine whether I want it or not. Unless of course…I run away like I always do.

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