Just This Once

Just This Once
I swore to myself that I’d never cross that line with her. But when Savannah Monroe, my chief operations officer, shows up on my doorstep with a proposition that starts with her in my lap and a promise of just this once… The line disappears.

At fifteen years my junior and the smartest woman I’ve ever met, she’s by far the greatest asset at Baxley Tech. From the moment I hired her, we had a connection. As friends, as a mentor, but always with an unspoken attraction that lingers just beneath the surface. So when she reveals a painful secret she’s been hiding from me that involves my CFO, I don’t hesitate… I take care of it immediately. Or so I thought. But the lies and corruption go much deeper than I ever realized and now we’re in a tangled web of passion and secrecy.

After our one night together, everything changes. The thought of her in the arms of another man turns me into someone I don’t recognize—insatiable, hungry. Indulging in every filthy thought I’ve had about her for three years is one thing, but losing my heart in the process wasn’t part of the deal. But here’s the thing about forbidden fantasies…they usually come at a price. And this one, just might be deadly.

When a blackmailer threatens to destroy her life and everything she’s worked for, I take matters into my own hands. Because when it comes to Savannah Monroe, there is no negotiation. No backing down. No Limits. No Rules. No losing her.

We promised each other it would only be just this once. But now that I’ve had a taste…I want my fill. $0.99 on Kindle.
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