As The Secrets Turn

As The Secrets Turn
I am patient and kind. I do not envy or boast.
He is not proud or rude. He is not easily angered and always protects.
I am not self-seeking, and he does not delight in evil.
Together we define the essence of Love. But even love has challenges.
After I unlocked the door to my darkest secret, I overcame a multitude of struggles, starting with his vindictive brother. When I fought for prosecution, I became a pawn in his brother’s game, but I prevailed.

Over the last year, Justin and I have been in the calm of our life. The key to weathering through obstacles is to find a balance between the good and the terrible. But to have and to hold from this day forth may not be in our future. A surge of turbulence is thrown in our path as we attempt to make it to the altar. If a tragedy occurs when you’re supposed to say, “I do”, is fate trying to tell me that our love isn’t meant to be?

Through the ripples of life, I discover family who can never seem to be happy for me, and secrets that aren’t mine to share.
A family member disappears, and someone must know of her whereabouts. When it turns out the only person who has a clue is my daughter, it puts a horrific spin on the situation. How can my daughter be involved or know the things that she does?
As the tides rise to threaten us, our fate hangs in the balance. How our journey ends on the other side of the tempest is yet to be told. $0.99 on Kindle.
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