A Winter Stay

A Winter Stay

Becca Jenks never knew her husband was a millionaire.

When their passionate year-long love affair ends in tragedy, she’s left heartbroken. But she soon discovers that she stands to inherit a large sum… along with a Rhode Island beach mansion overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Oliver Sagan Jr. is a charismatic captain with a big boat and an even bigger smile. As a close friend of Becca’s late husband, he does everything he can to help her. Becca finds herself warming to the kind and unassuming gentleman… but she has to be careful not to let her feelings run away with her.

Tasked with figuring out her future – and dealing with the scam artists who are hounding her newfound wealth – Becca is faced with a tough choice: sell the mansion and return to her comfortable teaching job, or take the plunge into a brand-new life on the rugged and beautiful coast of Rhode Island.

Can Becca heal from her husband’s death and find it in her heart to make this beach house her new home? And will she find peace in the arms of the charming captain Oliver at the same time?

Dive into a delightful wholesome romance novel that sweeps you off your feet with larger-than-life characters and gorgeous scenery. The Newport Breeze series is an unforgettable read that’s bound to give readers their next emotional fix. $0.99 on Kindle.
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