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The Mafia Kings: Corrupted series follows the powerful and dangerous men of the Luca family as they navigate love, loyalty, and betrayal in the gritty underworld of New York City. Each standalone novel features complex characters and steamy romance, all while weaving together a larger story of crime and passion.

Book 1, Corrupted Heir, introduces us to the world of the Mafia Kings. When Fallon is forced into a marriage with the next in line to be the head of the biggest crime family in New York, she finds herself married to a killer and a monster. But as she learns more about the man behind the violence, she discovers a connection between their pasts that changes everything.

Book 2, Corrupted Temptation, tells the story of Nico Costa, the perfect monster. When he meets Raven Ferrari, a deceptive vixen acting like a kitten, he is drawn to her in ways he never imagined. But as their lustful game becomes deeper and more personal, secrets are revealed that threaten to tear them apart.

In Book 3, Corrupted Protector, we follow Leovino Luca, a powerful man with his own scars and secrets. When he saves a woman from her own personal hell, he realizes they share more than just wounds. But as he discovers her connection to his own family, he must choose between his duty and his desire to protect her.

Book 4, Corrupted Obsession, introduces us to Dante Luca, the rumored vigilante hero. When his path crosses with a woman on a mission to find her lost sister, he becomes her captive. But as their obsession with each other grows, they must face their own demons and the dangerous world they inhabit.

In Book 5, Corrupted Vows, Caitriona finds herself pregnant with her ex’s baby, and her son’s life is on the line. In order to protect him, she must get back together with the man who broke her heart. Gabe thought he had lost Caitriona forever, but as she rises from the ashes of their past, he realizes he still loves her. But as they fight to keep their son safe, they must confront the past and the dangerous forces that threaten their future.

The Mafia Kings: Corrupted series is a thrilling and passionate journey through the world of organized crime, full of secrets, danger, and desire.

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