The Bringer of Happiness

The Bringer of Happiness

“I should have assumed with parents known to the world as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, I would be different.”
It is not her lineage that makes Sara different, it is her ability to time travel into other people’s bodies. When Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘bringer of happiness,’ wakes up in Sarah-Marie, a young Cathar girl from Montségur, she believes it is her destiny to rescue her from the 13th Century siege. By saving Sarah-Marie, Sara hopes to safeguard her mother’s gospel. In this odyssey of death, destiny, and soul’s purpose, we join Sara as she heeds her call, journeying from Jerusalem to Egypt to Crete until arriving in France.

Narrated by the daughter of Mary Magdalene, the Bringer of Happiness delves into ideologies, mythologies, and heresies. As our histories become unstuck, the patterns of power are shifting, making way for new narratives. This book is part of this process.

The Bringer of Happiness is the second book in the thematic series Women Unveiled. Each novel can be read separately but is united by a distinctive feminine narrative challenging societal boundaries. The series blends Greek mythology, archaeological and historical research with imagination in the telling of (almost true) stories.
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