Free: Tru

Knowing her job at Beacon Art Gallery is on shaky ground, Kayleigh Kingston is desperate to prove herself to her boss. Which is why she jumps at the chance to retrieve a treasured artifact and escort it safely back to New York. Little does she know, her boss has a secret… and it could cost Kayleigh everything. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Den of Sins: An Interracial Dark Mafia Romance (Chicago Sin Book 1)

I’m like a feral animal. A wild beast rutting. And she’s my prey. One week out of prison, and my mind’s still locked up. My heart, my soul—they died there. When a mafia hitman comes after me, I end him with my bare hands. But the beautiful florist witnesses my crime. I have no shame tying her up and making her my prisoner. Until she kisses me. Offers up that sweet body and makes me needy for more. And then all bets are off. She’s coming with me. I can’t let her go. My soul may be un... [Read More...]

Sand, Sun, and Secrets

Leah McMann is torn between holding onto hope for her missing husband and moving on. A family vacation to Tybee Island brings new challenges and the possibility of discovering new evidence. The Waves of Mystery series is an emotional beach read about trust, love, and family. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Eden’s Ridge Series Starters

Collection of 3 full-length small town romance novels from USA Today Best Selling and RITA® Award Winning author Kait Nolan introducing Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee. Home to the grilled mac ’n cheese sandwich (at Crystal’s Diner), the Wildcats (division champs in high school football), the world’s greatest foster mom, Joan Reynolds (God rest her soul), and some of the most gorgeous mountain views the Appalachians have to offer. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forever Sheyanne

One smile can be the beginning of Forever . . . On the first day of high school, Sheyanne Anderson (aka Shy) expects to see all of her old friends. But never does she imagine meeting him, Lanny Romero, let alone, becoming fast friends. As their friendship blossoms into first love, Lanny draws Shy into an enchanting world of Native American ways that include spirit animal guides and respect for Mother Earth. They also must learn to respect each other’s values and boundaries as they navigat... [Read More...]

Free: Blood & Bone

When Erin Langford, seasoned journalist, goes to LA to interview the reclusive, older, rock legend, Jack O’Donnell, she didn’t expect him to open the door shirtless, and certainly didn’t expect him to hijack her car either. Driving around LA with a hot rock star isn’t so bad, but Erin needs to keep her professional distance or her reputation could be at stake. As Jack tells her all the gritty details about his past, the feature she thought she was going to write turns in... [Read More...]

Free: The Deal Maker

He’s the closed-off workaholic CEO who doesn’t let anyone in, and carries the weight of the Stone family legacy on his shoulders. She’s the woman that hit on him before knowing who he was, with an artlessly refreshing lack of game he can’t stop thinking about. He lives in a world she doesn’t belong in. She brings all the chaos—and joy—missing in his life. Soon, helping her save her failing business becomes his new mission. Just as turning his life upside down becomes h... [Read More...]