The Lone Lake of Glass Lilies

The Lone Lake of Glass Lilies
After a tragic, preventable death among The Corbeaus, the self-entitled coven decides to take revenge over the laxed restraints surrounding war in the land and starts stirring up trouble in the once delicately balanced supernatural world, a world under the ultimate rule of the kind yet excessively benevolent elf king. However, ‘trouble’ may as well be Marverick’s middle name. Growing up abused by his own people based on bogus superstitions and petty crimes committed, the young elf finds unconditional love for the first time in the form of an endearing fairy princess with a bold nature, who completely alters the course of his otherwise miserable existence. The life saving guidance of her melodious voice keeps him soft and tender as he grows from a bitter child into a noble young man throughout the novel, his innocent crush maturing into a deep, fond love for the princess while the world around them spirals into chaos. Separately, the two solve the harsh problems of their respective kinds with their own unique yet effective methods, as their paths collide once every few years with unpredictable periods of loneliness in between. Both have their names repeatedly tarnished as they struggle to maintain an ounce of peace for the ones they love, and Marverick’s sanity almost reaches its limit as he is forced to watch his beloved be punished for extending a generous helping hand to others outside her community whilst surviving periods of slavery, endless harassment, life as a fugitive and witnessing the deaths of loved ones; even reaching the brink of death himself.

However such horrible experiences only solidify his resolve to become stronger, and he rigorously prepares himself for the day they can finally be together for the rest of eternity. $2.99 on Kindle.
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