Web of Sin Boxed Set

Web of Sin Boxed Set
“Have you been Aleatha’d?” “Aleatha is back, better than ever…” Six Chick Book BlogWeb of Sin boxed set is the deliciously intriguing collection that includes: SECRETS, LIES, and PROMISES.

Welcome to the Sparrow Web world, Sterling Sparrow and Araneae McCrie’s trilogy:

SECRETS: Sterling Sparrow has waited nearly two decades to claim his queen, the woman born to rule beside him. His wait is over. Lured back to the city she’d been warned to never return, Kennedy is offered something she never knew existed, knowledge about herself. Will she listen to a decades-old wise-tale or
will she learn her own secrets?

LIES: I am…That’s no longer an easy statement. Who am I? Since Sterling Sparrow, a man so handsome he takes my breath away and so infuriating he pushes me in ways I’ve never known, came barreling into my life, I can’t even finish that simple statement. In twenty-six years I’ve lived three lives—been three different people. Renee. Kennedy. And now, Araneae. They say that I was named after the spider to make me resilient. Sparrow would then be a bird. Birds eat spiders. I prefer to consider myself a cat. It ups my chance of surviving the world I’m now living. Maybe that’s only wishful thinking because according to Sterling, my number of lives is running out. There are people who want to harm me, to learn the secrets they claim that I possess. The only person to offer me protection is Sterling Sparrow.

PROMISES: The dramatic conclusion to the Web of Sin trilogy is here. Araneae McCrie has lived her entire life without knowing the truth. Deceived by so many, is Sterling Sparrow able to keep his promise? Even if he does, will it be too much? What promises should be kept and which ones should be left in the dark? $0.99 on Kindle.
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