Free: Dreama’s Diary

This work was inspired after years of working in restaurants and wondering if strangers ever contemplate the lives of those who wait on them. If he or she chose to reach into that person’s life, what would they find? Just another human being trying to make it in the world. I sought to create a modern tale of forbidden desire set in a culture that loves talk shows and coffee. It is a quest to find what is sacred in a society that hungrily consumes and tosses away people like trash. And the... [Read More...]

Love To Wreck You

Ash Falconer is a ruthless, cool-headed leader on and off the battlefield. He fights the urge to wreck the one woman whose family has wrought so much destruction in their wake. BUT … he’s torn by his unbidden attraction to her. Falling for her could wreck his plans to seek justice. Cece Mirren wants to build a fresh life for her and her son. She has no idea Ash thinks of her as the enemy. While he drives her up the wall with his cold and confounding attitude, Cece feels a wild ... [Read More...]

Illusions of 2050: Unraveling the Maze

Illusions of 2050: Unraveling the Maze” is a gripping crime thriller that intertwines an unorthodox romance and a relentless pursuit of truth. The story follows Alex, a determined detective, and Sophia, a brilliant coder, whose lives intertwine unexpectedly. As they form an unorthodox alliance, they must face the enigmatic Cipher, an organization of darkness and deception that threatens their city. As the city’s fate hangs in the balance, Alex and Sophia’s unorthodox romance becomes a sou... [Read More...]

My Silver Fox Wears Pink: A Love at First Sight Billionaire Age Gap Romance

I came for a girl’s trip, and I’m leaving with my heart tangled up with a silver fox. A 10K run for cancer awareness, no problem. But a handsome, older, billionaire grump has my head screaming DANGER, DANGER. I can’t say out loud what the rest of my body is telling me. Let’s just say I need to change my lace panties. The flock of pink ladies in tutus run right over me as I stop in my tracks, watching that stud bark orders for directions, “This way, ladies.” No, no, no. I didn’t li... [Read More...]

My Ex’s Dad

“Meet my Dad, Jack.” A lump forms in my throat as I hold back panic. I’m standing face to face with my mystery one night stand. I just learned the handsome silver fox mountain man is my ex’s dad. And the person planning his son’s wedding? Yours truly! Months ago, a sexy silver-fox saved my life. All I knew was a hot, bearded mountain man showed up right when I needed it. He asked me to spend the rest of the night with him in his mountain cabin – and I thanked him with great ... [Read More...]

The Christmas Promise

“Gibson’s romance is as bright and sparkling as the ruby ring at the center of the painting … A charming romance that’s as warm and cozy as hot chocolate on a winter’s day.” –Kirkus Reviews From the newest sensation in contemporary romance comes a delightfully heartwarming holiday story that’s perfect for fans of RaeAnne Thayne, Denise Hunter, and Debbie Macomber. Art buyer Charlotte Moore is given the chance of a lifetime to be head buyer for the esteemed Wallace Gallery’... [Read More...]

Free: College Girl’s Daddy

Joelle’s young and untouched. First day at college, she meets her new roommate and her dad. Despite how hot the forbidden man makes her she’ll never cross the line, but crossing the line is the only thing on her mind. Will things get too hot for Joelle to keep her clothes on? Or will she give away her V-card? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Faking the Game

From USA Today Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa comes this page-turner fake-relationship-office romance. What happens when the guy who’s afraid of love finds himself in it? Know what they say about never mixing business with pleasure? Yeah, no. The one about never sleeping with your boss? I ignored it too. I blame Aslan Spearman, the boss. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]