Single Dad’s Naughty Nanny: A Billionaire Boss Romance

Single Dad’s Naughty Nanny: A Billionaire Boss Romance

He’s a billionaire single dad with a body to die for. The fact he’s ten years older than I am is an even hotter bonus, but theres a catch.

Im a nanny by trade, but an aspiring actress in my dreams.

While one might assume a man with a child is a mere detail, it’s a dealbreaker for me.

Jimmy screams bad boy at first glance, but getting to know him reveals he’s anything but.

He’s the picture-perfect man. The perfect father. The perfect partner. The perfect everything.

Yet theres something sinister lurking in the shadows. An unseen force that keeps this godlike man in constant fear.

Common sense tells me to stay as far away as possible, but that body keeps me coming back again for more.

When my very life is threatened by a secret bigger than I could have ever imagined, Im left fighting not only for my life but my entire world.

He calls me his naughty nanny now, but will he make me his leading lady? $0.99 on Kindle.
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