His Demands

His Demands
The silverfox billionaire is used to getting anything he wants…
And now, he wants to make me his darling little wife.

Working as Ivan Stepanov’s assistant is a literal gig from hell.
After a day of catering to his every demand I text my friend in haste:
‘I HATE my boss but find him so freakin HOT!”

I arrive home with my thoughts stuck on the gorgeous older man ruining my life.
Moments later I’m in my tub lost in ecstasy, screaming Ivan’s name.


Dripping wet, I put on a robe and head to the front door.
It’s Ivan with a rather large stiffness in his trousers.

“That text to your friend? You sent it to me.”

Then he brings his face inches from mine. “Incase you’re wondering, whatever you imagined in there doesn’t come close to the real thing.”

My cheeks blush with embarrassment. “Will you show me?”

That night was everything.
My first sweet taste of submission.
But nothing could have prepared me for Ivan’s list of demands the next day…

“Move in with me. Marry me. Have my baby.”

I stand up in shock, “I’ll get back to you…”

To which he responds: “This isn’t up for discussion. You’re not going anywhere.”
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