Big Bad Boss: Moon Mad

Rule #2 of Wall Street: Never show weakness An alpha must protect his pack. Weakness isnt an option. Neither is the beautiful human who turned my world upside down. But she is my obsession, I won’t let her go. Im feral with the need to possess her. To consume her. Mating a human would destroy everything I’ve fought for: My business, my pack, my family. But I can’t resist this forbidden attraction. And if I don’t claim her soon, I’ll succumb to moon madness– a... [Read More...]

Share You

Delia has managed to stay hidden in the military camp thats been turned into a community of survivors after a deadly outbreak. But when an old friend is caught stealing supplies and sentenced to death, she is given a deal: submit to a stranger to save her friends life. The stranger, a young soldier, unleashes dark desires in her, and when another soldier knocks on his door, she invites him to join them for a steamy, bound threesome. This is an 8,500-word stand-alone story including explicit sex... [Read More...]

Lizzie Fox

A hard-hitting tale of life in Texas during the turbulent times of the sixties. Lizzie Fox is a tenacious, young reporter who restores purpose in her life when she investigates the mysterious death of a young Black girl. Vivid details and dialogue leave you with lasting images as she unravels clues that lead to the hierarchy of a bigoted town. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Survivors in the After

Survivors in the After is the emotional first volume in the After dystopian post-apocalypse series. If you like new twists on superheroes, strength kindled by love, and battling for liberty against the odds, then you’ll adore this dark thrill-ride. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mine to Shield

Can this broken FBI agent and young professor work together to take down a dangerous cult despite their rocky past or will their true identities be exposed, threatening their lives and future together. Going undercover with the FBI to infiltrate a dangerous cult was the last thing I expected during my week off from teaching. But here I am. Now working alongside a sexy and cocky agent who happens to be the same man who broke my heart ten years ago when he vanished from my life. I loved him then,... [Read More...]

Night Hack

In a chilling tale of obsession and murder, 911 operator, Jana finds herself targeted by a murderous stalker. When hacker extraordinaire Brycen Mathews delves into the case, he uncovers the chilling truth. With danger lurking in the shadows, they must race against time to stop the killer before it’s too late, in more ways than one. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


I am and have been many things: owner of the Charleston Cougars, CFO of Maxfield Corp, and ex-Chicago mafia prince. One thing I was certain Id never be called? Husband. But that was before the Irish mafia princess Serenity OBrien showed up outside my door, calling in one of my favors. Her prick of a father was about to sell her off to an allying family like a broodmare, and she wants me to help make her unsellable by stealing her prized virginity. I cant do that to her. So I offer to marry her ... [Read More...]

Free: Stepbrother’s Taboo Best-Friend

My stepbrother is bringing his friend, Luke home for the summer, Luke’s a bad-boy, prick, and player, just like Connor, Im shy, nerdy and inexperienced, so my stepbrothers very protective me, Luke was warned that I’m forbidden fruit, But still, things got heated in ways I wasn’t prepared for. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Falling for the Grumpy Millionaire Sheriff: A Next Door – Age Gap Lovers Romance

  Courtney I notice his piercing blue eyes. Then his uniform. Then his physique. He says his name is Owen Jackson and he’s the new Sheriff. I think I need to have my legs wrapped around him tonight for sure. Just then, I pull up to my condo, I notice new neighbors. Im installing my new doorbell camera, having multiple glasses of wine since I cant have the new sheriff and off to bed I go. Thud, thump in the middle of the night. A scream shatters the air around me. I call Owen who gave... [Read More...]