Midlife in Harmony Grove

In the mystical village of Harmony Grove, nestled beside a magical stream, two covens of witches the Kanes and the Fosters tread delicate lines of tradition and rivalry. The saga unfolds as Samara Kane, returning after two decades, is summoned back by her dying grandmother, Stella, to choose her successor. Four generations of witchesStella, Sybil, Samara, and her daughter Sage must unite as Samara faces opposition upon her return. An old flame’s death sparks chaos, with Samara targeted as the murderer by her cousin, Lily, hungry for power.

In the second installment, the focus shifts to Becky Kane, haunted by a past life’s memory after stumbling upon a roadside corpse. Her reality fractures as eerie occurrences escalate, driving her to the brink of madness. Mark Sullivan, a childhood friend, reappears with a supernatural pull, compelled to aid Becky. The lines blur between past and present as Becky’s past incarnation, Amy, seeks reunion with her long-lost lover, revealed to be Mark. Amidst the chaos, a dark entity lurks, exploiting the turmoil for its nefarious ends.

Book three, “Witch Resurrected,” follows Lily Kane’s journey of redemption. Stripped of her magic as punishment for her power-hungry bid against Samara, Lily grapples with sobriety and penance. Desperate to reclaim her abilities, she forms an unlikely alliance with Owen, a bookish Bibliomancer, uncovering an ancient prophecy foretelling doom for the covens and their sacred stream. Despite warnings falling on deaf ears, Lily persists, her mission complicated by Sage’s disappearance, a key element of the prophecy. Battling supernatural forces and treacherous terrain, Lily and Owen embark on a perilous quest to rescue Sage and thwart the malevolent entity threatening their world.

As the series weaves through generations of witches, each facing their own trials and tribulations, themes of family, redemption, and the enduring power of unity emerge. Against a backdrop of magic and mystery, the witches of Harmony Grove navigate complex relationships and ancient prophecies, forging bonds stronger than any spell as they fight to preserve their way of life against dark forces that seek to tear it asunder

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