Leo’s Daughters: A Retro Romance

Leo's Daughters: A Retro Romance
What would you do if your father offered you in marriage to a man you’d only just met?

This is the outrageous problem facing Gloria and Cluny, the daughters of Leo del Marco, a grocery store tycoon. The year is 1969.

Leo doesn’t have a son to inherit the business. After a recent battle with cancer, he urgently needs to find a suitable heir to lead his business. A traditional man with unyielding views on gender roles, he doesn’t believe a woman can lead a large and thriving business. But he thinks Christian Frederickson, a rising star in his accounts department, can do the job. There’s one stipulation – Christian must marry into the family.

Leo has three attractive daughters:

Gloria is dutiful and obedient, putting her father first in all things. After her mother died 16 years ago, she raised her sisters and continues to run the household. At 31, a shy virgin, she has never been tempted to put any man ahead of her father – until she meets Nathaniel Katzenberger, a gifted mathematician.

Sofia is stalled at an early stage of development, possessed of a spectacularly shapely body and a sweet, though stubborn disposition. Leo has decreed that she will never marry. But Sofia wants to live a normal life with her boyfriend Bobby.

Cluny is Leo’s youngest daughter, dazzlingly sexy, her father’s favorite and a warrior queen.

Ruthlessly determined to grasp the money and power, Christian must decide which one is the pot of gold – compliant, conventional Gloria or mutinous Cluny. He knows Gloria is the more suitable wife. But from the moment he first saw her, he was vitally attracted to Cluny.

Cluny does all she can to stop the marriage scheme. But as the adversaries fight for dominance, Cluny fears that the unscrupulous Christian will find out the secret she’s been hiding from her father …

More than a retro romance, this is a family drama about an autocratic father’s ruthlessness, and ambition’s dangerous influence. $0.99 on Kindle.

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