Tender Touch

Three nightmarish years of marriage has shattered Brianna Wight’s sheltered world. Leading her husband to believe she’s been murdered, she flees to St. Louis…harboring terrible secrets that could be the death of her. The tragic loss of his Indian wife left Columbus Nigh a wanderer; necessity made him a wilderness guide. But now he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic woman who’s hired him to lead her westward. Her gentle strength stirs his lonely heart…her tender b... [Read More...]

Daddy’s Huge Taboo Collection (20 books from Horny House Series)

Enjoy a romp through the Man of the House’s dirty, perverted collection of TABOO short stories. He’s stocked up on 20 distinct ways he imagines seducing, or being seduced by, his Little Brats and Princesses. His dirty mind is the best source of TABOO fire, leaving you aching and sweating for more! Luckily for you, he’s just getting started. He’s doesn’t care what kind of messes he gets into, just as long as all his desires are satisfied. Check out the inside flap f... [Read More...]

Carried Away

Declan Williams is a billionaire. He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing. Kendall Jackson is a flight attendant on Declan’s private jet. He’s been watching her, wanting her, and waiting for her to give him the all clear for far too long. Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but they’ve been playing cat and mouse and Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever. There’s no better place to make his move than when they’re thi... [Read More...]

Sinful Protector

The moment my eyes met hers, there was nothing stopping me from giving her everything. She’s devastatingly beautiful. Stubborn. Independent. I want to protect her from the horrors of the world, if only she’ll let me. I can’t leave her alone. Not with her abusive ex on the prowl. I would give her everything I have. And I want her. Every part of her shines. Her touch is like fire. Her eyes draw me in. It’s impossible to escape from her, even if I wanted to. I’ve lived my life for my bik... [Read More...]

Ambush in the Everglades

Plenty of action-adventure in this romantic-suspense tale. Photographer Kayli Heddon is given the biggest assignment of her career—a photo essay on the Everglades Restoration—and a special airboat safari is arranged, so Kayli can get her pictures. What she doesn’t count on is being stranded alone in the Everglades with her handsome and unpredictable airboat guide. Kayli is forced to learn some tough lessons. Trust means everything in the dangerous River of Grass, and a skilled partner... [Read More...]

Free: All Grown Up (Book 1)

I should have never turned her away. So many years have passed, and she’s back in my life. But our parents dating for a while left me refusing her. And she left for the romantic city of Paris. My pretty girl becoming a ballerina. Forever gone. But life has a way of taking things full circle. Due to an injury, she’s back in our small town. My second chance to make things right stares me in the face. She’s all grown up, and still stealing my every thought. But I can’t compete with her dre... [Read More...]

Tell Me You Love Me

Breaking the laws of magic, a supernatural serial killer has been unleashed on the city of Atlanta, Georgia… Special Agent Kenya Clark of the GBI Paranormal Crimes Investigation Unit, has been given the case. Her assigned partner, Darrin Selinsky, hates having anything to do with the supernatural. Kenya has a gift that allows her to see the crime through the eyes of the victim. However, in this case, she sees through the eyes of the killer! To solve the case, she must find out what her co... [Read More...]

Free: The Woods (A Berry Springs Novel)

“The Woods is a sexy, small-town murder mystery that’s guaranteed to resonate with fans of Nora Roberts and Karin Slaughter.” -Best Thrillers A year after her sister’s death, Archeologist and part-time neurotic, Dr. Katie Somers returns to the sleepy, southern town of Berry Springs to sell her childhood home. She’d planned to be in and out in less than a week, but a chance meeting with a handsome stranger turns her perfectly crafted world upside down. Army Ranger Jake Thomas o... [Read More...]