Free: Lust & Murder

Heather McNally loves a good mystery. So, when her boyfriend, Will Thurston, invites her to a murder mystery dinner, she’s down for the cause. As the night plays out, they get tangled in a sexy web of lust and deceit, and Heather has a few theories regarding the killer’s identity. But when Will is the one who gets murdered- she’s in for the surprise of her life! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Choice Cut

The death of a former tattoo artist has renewed interest in old rumors and triggered a race to find his ink work. Do the man’s unique, quirky creations hold clues that lead to the proverbial pot of gold—or shed light on something more sinister? The answer is as elusive as The Butcher, a serial killer with a point to make who appears to have made his way to Yonkers, and has added to Detective Sergeant Ham Hitchcock’s list of crimes to solve. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Hand of Fate

A perfect Halloween read if you like paranormal fiction and supernatural chick lit! Synopsis: She was still coming to terms with being adopted, then all of a sudden she was thrust into the limelight by a celebrity and had to deal with the resulting fallout. Determined to live her life her way, on her terms, Alexandra Gray, who hails from London, finds love across the pond and settles in San Francisco to start a new life. After riding a roller coaster of emotions, Alex embarks on a personal jour... [Read More...]

Ghost in the Graveyard

A little girl, who dies playing “Ghost in the Graveyard” comes back from death to haunt her friends. But why? Haunted by her past, Sally Sullivan returns home 10 years after little Martha’s death seeking to uncover the mysteries of her childhood, which include Martha’s “accident”, her Mother’s disappearance, and the baby her family has suddenly been entrusted with. Although she seeks a “normal” life back in her hometown of Mount Moariah, the... [Read More...]

Free: Avenue of Regrets

What would you do if you discovered that the violent death of your family seven years ago was not as it had seemed? How far would you go to uncover the truth? “An engrossing novel of domestic suspense . . . a fast-paced tale of murder and horrific crime with twists and turns Worthy of Hitchcock.” –Publishers Weekly David Wallace had it all: A beautiful wife, an infant son, and a great career. Until a tragic mistake ended it all. Seven years later, David has managed to move on ... [Read More...]

Born of Earth

A trip abroad. A dark secret. Her family’s legacy of magic may cost a teen her life… Georjie’s summer is shaping up to be a big disappointment. Trapped in Ireland with her aunt’s gorgeous but cold adopted son Jasher, her “vacation” gets worse with each passing day. But when a trip to the greenhouse reveals glowing cocoons she shouldn’t be able to see, she embarks on a quest to solve a magical mystery… In the pages of an ancient diary, Georjie learns a dark family... [Read More...]

Cyber Witch

In the year 2082, the neon-lit city of Los Angeles is home to the largest community of witches and warlocks in the world. When several witches end up getting kidnapped, Estrella finds herself investigating the matter only to discover a deadly conspiracy brewing that will throw the world into chaos if left unchecked. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

A New Holistic Approach to Herpes: It Works, It’s True and It’s All Up to You

In this book you will read Steve’s (a patient from 2004) testimonial about what helped him “have only 3 minute outbreaks in 25 years.” You will learn the same techniques that helped Steve and others and be able to track down the psychological triggers to your outbreaks to stop them and live life to its fullest. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]