Straddling States

Straddling States
He is everything she never wanted, but could he be what she needs?

Alluring Amber O’Hara is a ruthless city girl from Chicago with one goal in mind: landing a rich, handsome husband.

She’s got it all, a high-paying job in fashion design, a sexy boyfriend, and a Pomeranian named Jellybean. But when she busts in on her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Amber needs a fresh start. So, when her boss asks if anyone would be willing to move away for two months for research, she is the first to volunteer.

Little does she know, it isn’t Paris or Milan on offer… It’s Arkansas.

Amber is exiled to a ranch to the quaint town of Valley Springs to experience farming first hand and learn more about authentic and rustic western fashion for an upcoming fashion line. This is where she meets Jesse Wyatt, a bachelor at 29 with his own farm to upkeep. He’s hot, handsome, and headstrong.

There’s an instant spark, but he doesn’t like her and there’s no way Amber would stoop so low. He’s everything she doesn’t want—rough, wild, and unsophisticated. As she grows closer to Jesse, however, Amber learns there is more depth than she could have imagined in this simple cowboy’s life.

Will passion or pride prove victorious for Amber’s heart? $0.99 on Kindle

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