Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings
Luke Drake is obsessed with his job. He lives and breathes it.

He likes routine and being able to keep his world calm while chaos is all around him.

Every single morning, Kinsley Alexander can look at the clock and know when the next bell above the door goes off, it’s going to be Luke.

Kinsley thinks Luke Drake is a jerk. He doesn’t have time for the world around him and she’s pretty sure his most prized possession is his phone. It’s either glued to his ear, or his thumbs are moving a million miles a minute across the screen.

On a fluke, she decides to write little messages on his cup. Maybe it will make him come up for air and enjoy life. If anyone ever needed that, it would be Luke.

When that doesn’t seem to work, she gets up the nerve to talk to Luke instead.

Finally, Luke sees something other than his phone. What he sees is beauty so incredible it takes his breath away.
What he sees is Kinsley and he’s not letting her getaway.
She’s meant to be his.

Tory’s back to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Except she’s not bringing you candy or flowers. She’s bringing you an over the top Alpha that might be hard to wrangle, but is proof that when a girl whispers a few little words, while love is in the air, miracles happen. If sweet, hot, melt in your mouth heroes are your dessert of choice. Don’t worry, Tory has you covered with this one. $0.99 on Kindle.

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