His to Defend

His to Defend
I will live by the code of conduct—but rules are meant to be broken.

Lars Ivanov is a speed junkie, so stepping in to guard a famous race car driver should be a breeze. As a bonus, Lars arrives in time to rescue a beautiful French-American press agent from a bullet too. Guarding Lillian with his body is the easy part, but discovering who is out for her blood is another story. Personally, he thinks someone is just trying to shut the irritating woman up…though it would be a pity to destroy such beauty.

Lillian Delphine is only trying to do her job. But someone is out for the blood of the famous racer she represents, and she’s in the line of fire. Now she’s got a big, grumpy-looking bodyguard claiming he’s trying to keep her safe. What he means is ordering her around. While he’s great at impersonating an impenetrable stone wall, she only sees an overbearing brute. But he does have very nice eyes. Occasionally he makes her laugh. And he’s good at using that muscular body for more than blocking bullets.

Who knew that shutting Lillian up is as easy as kissing her? However, Lars can’t stop there, and she’s got too much French blood not to respond with all the passion in Paris. But things are growing too complicated for a man who saves lives for a living, and if Lillian could ditch the muscle man blocking her every move, she would gladly take her chances with the men who want her dead. He’s infuriating, self-important and… Oh who is she kidding? The real dangers lie in losing her heart. $3.99 on Kindle.

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