Billionaire Bear’s Nanny (Fire Bear Shifters Book 3)

Billionaire Bear's Nanny (Fire Bear Shifters Book 3)
A leader of bear shifter clan, who is fierce and rules his clan with an iron fist. And opposite to that she is a human and totally unaware of the danger she was living with.

Surprisingly, the most gorgeous billionaire on the planet gave me the job.
And I started to fall in love with my boss immediately, while lying about my past.
He is strong, powerful, and is known to be extremely reserved.
My legs wobbles, every time he is around.
He is very protective but also unpredictable at times.
He is too rude and dominant but I have seen desire in his eyes.
My past will never let us be in peace.
I must stay hidden, to keep everyone safe.
The monster from my past haunts me, and I can’t let him tear down the man I love.
It is hard for me to stay away from him, but I have to… just to keep him safe.

I was known to be a vicious fighter, until the birth of my niece, Laura.
I killed her father and now I was forced to hire a nanny for her.
After lots of efforts I finally ended up hiring an inexperienced nanny.
Even though she was not experienced, she was a good distraction for a while.
She gets nervous when I am around and I love that.
Looking into her eyes, bear inside me desires to take her.
The way I feel doesn’t make any sense.
When I look at her, I want her.
When I am with her, I feel strangely happy and content.
She has been hiding something since the beginning.
Laura is in danger only because of her.
And I had already warned her that I will destroy her if something happens to Laura.

Will the most powerful alpha werewolf, destroy the woman he loves? $0.99 on Kindle.

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