Temptation in Barcelona

Temptation in Barcelona


The last year has been…complicated.

While living a secret life I’m still trying to escape, I tortured and almost killed the mother I didn’t know I had and discovered I had a twin brother.

So, when my new sister-in-law invited me along on the honeymoon I arranged for her and my brother in Barcelona, it was a no brainer.

Solitude, peace, relaxation, uncomplicated, and in Spain? Sign me up!

Until I turned around and saw him.

Um…yummy! And, I can still feel the sparks from when he touched my hand.

I have a feeling this trip is going to be…complicated.


I love Barcelona. And I love being able to experience it a new way every day through the eyes of the tourists I guide.

It also keeps me from thinking about how complicated my life is.

But then I saw the fiery and sexy redhead. First, she chased down a purse snatcher, and then she dove into the water after a drowning boy when she couldn’t swim. Who was this woman?

I need to know!

Especially after that sensual kiss we shared on the club’s dancefloor. Oh yeah that’s right, the one right before I ran away from her because the secret I’m keeping would make things…complicated.

Secrets and complications in Barcelona – there’s only one way for this to end. Or is there? $0.99 on Kindle.

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