The Magnolia Series: A Sweet Romance Saga by Robyn Locksley

Romance author Robyn Locksley fell in love with literature at an early age, avidly devouring books and writing award-winning essays and stories since she was in junior high. As Locksley grew up, she carved out a niche in the romance genre, captivating readers on fanfiction sites and then publishing her first series, Salvation, on Amazon’s (now defunct) Kindle Worlds platform. Then, she released the first installment in “The Magnolia Series” in June 2020, making even more readers fall in love with her beautiful writing style and unforgettable characters.

The Ocean in a Thunderstorm

This debut novel in The Magnolia Series was met with great enthusiasm and high praise from critics and romance fans alike. In this story, readers are introduced to the sweet Aurora Bradley, who recently broke off her engagement with her boyfriend. To escape from nagging family members and awkward questions about her decision, Aurora heads to Georgia to visit some extended relatives and enjoy the peacefulness of the small, sleepy town.

However, Aurora’s stay isn’t as peaceful as she had planned. When an unexpected accident impacts Aurora’s life, she crosses paths with a striking firefighter named Brick Starling. The sparks start to fly immediately, but the past keeps coming back to haunt them. Are either of them ready for love, or is this story bound to end in tragedy?

The Scent of Rain

The second installment of The Magnolia Series is told through the perspective of Brick Starling, and it’s soon revealed that Brick has known about Aurora for years, despite never meeting her in person. Brick had caught a glimpse of Aurora years ago and was entranced ever since. He had kept a photo of her in his truck, fantasizing about actually meeting her one day. When he learns of Aurora’s broken engagement, he finally sees his chance… and then fate led them to cross paths.

Brick finds Aurora even more attractive and captivating in person, and he struggles to keep his deep admiration for her a secret. He desperately wants to be with her, but Aurora is intense, passionate, determined. Her independence makes her even more enticing, and he can’t hide his feelings forever. Only time will tell if the two will fall together or fall apart for good.

Readers who adore sweet romance tales and lovable characters are sure to fall for Robyn Locksley’s novels. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable series!


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