Free: I Wanna Suck Your

I Wanna Suck Your
**I Wanna Suck Your…**

Blood. I’m a vampire. Come on.
Then I met Simon and couldn’t help thinking: maybe I’m after more than a little nutrition.

He’s a runner on a strict diet.
I eat chips and queso as a main course.

He’s punctual.
I think five minutes late is on time.

He’s an engineer.
I tell stories for a living.

He’s human.
I’m not.

One misanthropic vamp (me) meets one commitment-shy human (him) and sparks fly. But humans and vamps don’t do relationships…right?

Warning from the author: This book contains steamy vampire-human shenanigans, enough naughty words to make someone (not me) blush, and a vampire who secretly (deep, deep, deep down) longs to be loved. Free on Kindle.

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