Showing Off The Goods

Showing Off The Goods
My guy best friend needs a best man, and he’s asking me—a girl.
Not that I’m surprised. We’ve been inseparable since birth. Who else was he going to ask.
Juggling this wedding and being a single mom is going to be a feat.
But I got this.
All is rolling smoothly until my friends shake up another tradition.
Seems the bride is asking a guy to be her maid of honor.
And not just any guy either. Her brother. My ex.
Unfortunately, this guy is hot as hell.
He’s also a demon that crawled right out of those fiery pits. The same pits he sent our relationship to when he chose the military over me.
Now he’s back.
As an underwear model, no less.
How in the world they expect us to work together is beyond me.
But for them, I’d do just about anything.
Even jack up my perfect life that took me years to put back together.
I’m immune to this jerk now. I’m not letting him back in.
All I have to do is work with him for one month. One month to keep my legs shut, my pants up, and my eyes and hands to myself. It’ll be easy, right?
Unless he shows off the goods.
Then I’m in trouble. $0.99 on Kindle.

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