Marina’s Risk

AJ’s intense, crass, and Atlas would be jealous of his shoulders. AJ Garza rescued her kidnapped father. Marina wants to know who organized the kidnapping. AJ wants Marina. She’s good with math, bad at people, and one night with AJ seems like the perfect solution. But her questions make her a target. She’s awkward, a stunner in fugly clothes, deserves a country club guy, but she’s pregnant with his kid and her questions have made her a target. Can AJ protect her and persuade her to take... [Read More...]

Free: Once Burned

The idyllic wine country of Carmel Valley may not seem like a hotbed of crime, but when Sage McDowell’s high school nemesis is murdered, she’s drawn into a plot involving a sinister drug cartel, a mysterious restauranteur, a sexy wine maker, and a pair of high-flying turkeys named Wilbur and Orville. Welcome to mayhem in paradise! ... [Read More...]


I had a one-night stand with the devil. Now he thinks I’m his wife. Hades abducted me to his palace in hell. To earn my freedom, I must perform three sinful tasks. If I fail, I will stay with him forever. He’s handsome, seductive, impossible to resist. His kisses are hotter than hellfire. He’s determined to make me forget why I want to leave. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Claiming Her Forever

The moment I saw her, I should have known better. The moment I touched her, I did. I’m not the guy who believes in happily ever after—but for a brief moment, I did, and that’s when I lost her. I like my solitary life in the mountains. I mind my business. I keep to myself, and I don’t get involved with anyone. I learned the hard way that life ain’t easy or fair. One minute you think you’ve got it all figured out and the next, you find your wife in your bed with your own best friend. ... [Read More...]

Ours To Hold: The Brotherhood Series (Book 1)

The Lady: Keira is a young black data scientist. Her life is threatened when she discovers proof that could destroy her past employer’s billion-dollar company. While on the run with her new bosses ( Troy, Jamal, and Eric ) she realizes they are more than just her protectors. As Kiera runs from one dangerous situation to another, will she lose her heart to all three men along the way? The Men: Troy, Jamal, and Eric have been homeboys since back in the day. They have shared women in the past bu... [Read More...]

Broken Fangs

If a wicked witch offers to show you his magic wand, don’t do it. The father of all vamps learned that lesson the hard way, and now he’s stuck playing kept boy to the meanest mob boss in town. Reality TV isn’t great for hiding, but when offered a spot on a dating show with the only werewolf the Celtic mafia fears, he sees his chance to escape. All he needs is a little help from Hollywood’s baddest Alpha. Too bad the first line of the show’s contract reads, “no vampires on set.�... [Read More...]

One Princess One Pack One Villain

Being a werewolf sucked sometimes. Cara was coming of age. At least for a werewolf. She would soon take a mate. One she didn’t want! She had been able to fight off the single males in her pack so far. Then her father started telling her if she didn’t decide on one of them, he would pick her mate for her. She wanted to fall in love not just go with any old wolf. That wasn’t the way it was done in a werewolf pack. The problem with having one chosen for her was werewolves’ mate for life! T... [Read More...]

Free: 12-Inch Womanizer (Thrilling Exotic Romance Novel)

Men, have you ever been with a lady that you thought was the ‘ONE’ then out of the blue, came a sexy playboy who uproots her from her settled soil, even though you’ve spent so much time and effort cultivating her delicate seed; watering her embryo until she germinates into a synergistic blossom? If you haven’t, then take my advice to secure your precious garden from being infested by this cherry lips womanizer. His 12-inch fertilizer replete with delicious nutrients would have your lovi... [Read More...]