Hostage Hearts Complete Series

Hostage Hearts Complete Series

Can their feelings survive what they are going to face together?

Cecily Young was a damaged soul…lost…confused trying to mitigate the damage of the past with a brave face.

She needed to move forward but the past held her hostage with memories she couldn’t shake. In walked Chase Adams that blast from the past she couldn’t forget about. His strength and willingness to help was exactly what she was looking for.

It didn’t hurt that he was handsome….sexy and quite a fantasy.

She could never imagine that they would be thrown into the deep end without water wings. The past was coming back. They are about to learn that love can conquer all.

Chase wants to rekindle a spark….basically a torch he has carried for a woman clearly out of his league. That same boy she remembered back in the day had become a man….and what a man.

Twists and turns will pull them in two different directions. The world wasn’t black and white. There were several shades of gray lurking around the corners. Just when they think they have all the answers….the rug is pulled out from underneath. $2.99 on Kindle.

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