Deceptively Yours

Deceptively Yours
A passionate romantic suspense about a woman and a man who are destined to be together.

Orphaned at 12, Tatiana was taken in by her cousin who used her artistic talent in a scheme to cheat wealthy men. Her life became unending fear until six years later when she met Declan Moran. He gave her love, passion, and hope for the future.

When she defied her cousin, he responded with a vicious attack. A chance meeting with an elderly man saved her. He helped her disappear, leaving everything behind including the man she loved.

Ten years later, Tatiana has done everything to prove she’s worthy of the fatherly love her benefactor gave her, but she’s never forgotten the man she loved. Destiny gives her a second chance at love when she meets Declan again, but she resists the love he offers.

She’s not the girl he fell in love with. She never was. She can’t undo the deceptions and the lies nor the secrets she’s kept—and continues to keep. Declan knows a devastating secret lies at the heart of her disappearance, but he doesn’t understand her refusal to give their love a chance. He’s willing to wait for her to tell him what happened—until he realizes danger stalks Tatiana.

Will Tatiana find the courage to reveal her secrets to Declan? Will he still love Tatiana once he knows the truth? Can love survive lies and deception? $0.99 on Kindle.

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