Stranded at Christmas: Christmas with the Sullivan Brothers (Book 2)

Stranded at Christmas: Christmas with the Sullivan Brothers (Book 2)Gia
I thought I would head to the mountains to my family’s cabin to get over my cheating jerk of an ex-boyfriend who I caught banging his workmate in my condo. After using enough bleach to clean an airplane and burning copious amounts of my nose hair from the fumes in the process, I headed to Winter Park and settled into the cabin to gulp, uh, sip wine, read romance novels and bake tasty holiday treats. What I didn’t expect was a surprise storm of the century would—literally—blow in the hottest, most muscled man I’d ever laid eyes on. Now we’re snowed-in at the cabin, and the flames in the fireplace have nothing on the heat being generated between the two of us.

I always seem to put the needs of others in front of mine, but in this case, I was absolutely fine with the request from my mentor to travel to his cabin in the mountains and check in on his granddaughter. I’d only met Gia in passing at their family farm, but her sweet little curves, glorious mahogany-colored mane of hair, and spunky personality called to me like no other. And now a winter storm is dumping powder by the foot at the cabin that effectively will keep us together in a sexy snow globe world for a few days. Whatever will we do… $2.99 on Kindle
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