Free: Songs of Vengeance and Desire Episode 1 – Come Join Us

Songs of Vengeance and Desire Episode 1 - Come Join UsPart Urban Fantasy. Part Thriller. All Steamy Paranormal Romance.

The Angel of Desire and his Dark Sister have been freed from the Mouth of Hell and seek the sweet taste of mortal flesh. As humankind falls before their insatiable hunger, a warrior-queen arises to mount humanity’s last stand. A world away, the beautiful heiress to a blood-tainted fortune confronts an equally lethal enemy – an Artificial Intelligence in the hands of a secret society hell bent on ruling everything. When the society tears open the boundary between worlds, the fates of these two “sisters” become intertwined. Their story will play out in the forbidden embrace of enemies turned lovers, in the sin-filled dark recesses of besieged cities, the boardrooms and bedrooms of power brokers, and on desolate battlefields where love offers the only hope of salvation.

Songs of Vengeance and Desire is a soap opera serialized in twenty-five bi-weekly installments. Every other Monday in 2022, Valentine’s Day until Christmas, you can download your latest hit of thrills, passion, and romance. Satisfaction – and lots of frustration – guaranteed.

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