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The multiple award-winning FULL CIRCLE SERIES features stories about intriguing friendships and keep-you-on-your-toes relationships. Each book explores questions about overcoming deep-rooted fears and pursuing lifelong dreams. The protagonists are facing real-life issues and are likable but are not without flaws. Readers have called them “multi-dimensional” and “endearingly relatable.”

TURN BACK TIME is a book about second chances. Stella and David struggle with their breakup a year ago and can’t move on. When they are unexpectedly crossing paths in France, they need to face their insecurities and learn to trust each other again—and to believe in their own feelings.

IN DUE TIME is a modern friends-to-lovers story. At its center are Naomi and Revan, two life-long friends who engage in a rousing and emotional game of tug-of-war in their quest to happily-ever-after. Both characters are adventurous and headstrong, making this a laugh-out-loud funny book while also tugging at the reader’s heartstrings.

TIME IS ETERNITY is about Josephine and Luca who don’t realize the complexity of their true feelings for each other until one impulsive moment of passion ends in sorrow and despair. To close the void between them, they must question their ultimate goals and priorities in this powerful story about overcoming loss and healing together.

TIME WILL TELL is a story about haunting secrets and broken dreams. Sabrina and Scotty are both hurting from loss and betrayal, and each handles their disappointment differently. But through the power of friendship, they work together to overcome their pasts and learn to believe in love again.

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