The Moonlight Trilogy

The Moonlight Trilogy

About Yurie Kiri Yurie Kiri’s novel Moonlight Beach won the 2020 Hollywood Book Festival’s award for Genre Fiction.

Moonlight Beach is about four friends who contact the spirit of dead Native American woman and have to fight for their lives against the serial killer who had been chasing her. The second book in the series, where two of the surviving women of Rancho California take a trip to New Mexico, is called Moonlight Canyon. The third book, called Moonlight Rocks is about a battle over a meteorite that may herald the birth of a new Messiah.

Besides the Moonlight series, Yurie Kiri has also written a series of books about Japan and virtual reality games; the first book is called Tokyo Games the second one is called Osaka Games. The Moonlight Trilogy contains all three books in the Murder and Magic series.

Moonlight Beach Synopsis: Moonlight Beach near the rich and sleepy town of Rancho California has been the scene of a series of either brutal murders or shark attacks. One night, two more people are murdered on a cliff overlooking the beach and now organs are missing, organs that could have been used in a transplant operation to save a person’s life. Was it another random killing, murder for hire, or an attempt to extract a much-needed organ? Would someone really sacrifice a stranger’s life to give a loved one another chance at life? Rancho California’s leading venture capitalists want to start a company that provides human organs to people in need of transplants; could one of them be responsible? Then there’s a local group of witches who’ve seen and done a lot of strange things, firsthand. What role do they play? Victims or perpetrators?

Moonlight Canyon Synopsis: The rural community of Silver City, south of Moonlight Canyon, has been suffering an unrelenting reign of terror that’s leaving half-eaten, mutilated bodies strewn across town. Who’s responsible for these nightmarish attacks? Some of the citizens of Silver City believe the ravaged bodies found by the side of the road are being dumped by extraterrestrials who visit our planet to mutilate cattle. Some say perhaps it is a powerful, south-of-the-border drug smuggler creating fear and confusion. And some think it’s a gang of bikers, the Coyotes, who may do more than just mutilate their victim’s bodies. Besides terrorizing as many people as he can to smuggle drugs and amass more power, Tito Ocotillo plans to use an ancient kiva for a supernatural ceremony that will open up a path to a mythical underworld. That connection will provide him with the ability to move between this physical world and the underworld where more dark powers await him. The problem is that ancient kiva is on the property of an old Indian woman called Jane, and Jane does not take kindly to trespassers on her land.

Moonlight Rocks Synopsis: The desert east of Los Angeles has always been a little bit dangerous and not just because of the people who live out there. Sure there are drug gangs and meth labs but there are also a lot of more or less natural dangers too such as abandoned mines and broken down ranches with fringe people living in them. However, along with those dangers are a lot of natural rocky beauty and clear dark skies which attract amateur star gazers and campers. One night a group of friends set up camp in that desert to watch the Leonid meteor shower. However, they aren’t the only people hoping to catch a falling star and when one does crash to earth nearby, the first person to get that meteorite becomes the target in a very deadly chase. When the campers die and a woman disappears not only do the local police get involved but so does a group of Satan worshipers and other religious fanatics who feel that the meteor heralds the birth of a new Messiah. $8.99 on Kindle.
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