The Alpha Wolf’s Arranged Marriage

The Alpha Wolf’s Arranged Marriage
My father, the Alpha of my pack, demanded that I find a mate. I refused. My objection meant nothing to my father; he was determined that I would choose a mate and provide him with a grandpup to carry on our family’s bloodline.

There was one problem. There were no more single males in our pack. So my father found an ally, a new pack that had plenty of young males who were ready to mate. My father arranged my marriage. My mate was handsome and strong. But that was irrelevant because I wanted no part of a marriage. I did my best to sabotage the relationship.

But then I got a shocking revelation. When my life was in danger from a threat I couldn’t fight, my mate saved me. As my life flashed before my eyes, I realized what I had nearly lost – a good male and a faithful husband. Would he ever forgive me for trying to push him away? $0.99 on Kindle.
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