Mr. CEO (Bad Boys Next Door)

From USA Today bestselling authors, Willow Winters and Lauren Landish, comes a seductive office romance. I’m used to dominating the boardroom and getting what I want. But I’ve never wanted anyone like her. Even though I have the world at my beck and call, it no longer excites me. Nothing does. Until she comes along.My Rose.Her deep blue eyes.Her tempting curves. They call to me, consuming my thoughts like nothing has in years. I should walk away, but the soft sighs spilling from her plump l... [Read More...]

Corrupted Obsession: A Captive Enemies to Lovers Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Kings: Corrupted Series Book 4)

I’m on a mission. My paths cross with the dark and dangerous Dante Luca. And here I am, his captive. For the past six months, I’ve spent every waking minute looking for my lost sister, Camilla. I’ll stop at nothing to find her, my own freedom wouldn’t make me think twice. My recklessness incites a devastating turn of events that collides my world with Dante Luca. The rumored vigilante hero.My best friend’s brother-in-law. The closer I get to him, the more we’re forced to face each o... [Read More...]

Don’t Tease Me

I own you now. Desperate and alone, I strike a bargain with a mafia boss. I make myself available to him, he pays my bills. I’m his beck-and-call-girl. He’s my sugar daddy. Bobby Manghini owns me–that’s our arrangement. Giving myself to him is easy. He may be older, but he’s sinfully sexy. Skillful in bed. It’s a win-win for both of us, so long as I remember one thing: Don’t fall in love. Bobby calls the shots, but he doesn’t play for keeps. I’m a toy, not his happily-ever-aft... [Read More...]

Lucy’s Lovers

Lucy Quill has left her responsibilities at Ménage Place behind and traded them in for a luxurious life with love-interest, Miguel Santos. During her first week residing in Miguel’s penthouse, Lucy becomes sexually acquainted with his exotic circle of friends as she indulges in a multitude of red-hot trysts—feeding Miguel’s insatiable voyeuristic fantasy. Each night, Miguel and Lucy host a themed party, the first being a masquerade event. Masked, potential lovers mingle as sex thickens t... [Read More...]

The Ocean Between Us: A Greek Mythology Mermaid Romance

Immortal mermaid Mareisa has suffered a thousand years in cursed exile. Shipwrecked Prince Kyros of Erion just crawled onto her deserted isle. These two survivors of the scheming Greek gods must first battle their unjust fates and then the attraction that sizzles between them. Little do they know their love could shatter the dominion of the gods and alter the fate of all mortalkind… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Vegas Daddy

Warning – Do Not Spend Your Holiday Drinking in Vegas. May cause you to wake up married to a domineering single daddy… It all started with me running away from the altar of h*ll. And ended with the most erotic night of my life in the city of Sin. Zane is older. Ex-military. And a HOT single dad. But our fairytale came to an end – with the cartel on my tail. Months later we meet again. My ruthless father just hired bodyguards to watch me like hawks. In walks the head honcho. And my hea... [Read More...]

Free: Midnight Snow Ball

Azalea’s baked goods have earned her a reputation among the locals, but so has her rough and wild attitude. A new farrier arrives at the farm to care for the horses. When Elias starts sticking around, Azalea realizes she might have a problem. Elias might actually like her. In need of a date for the New Year’s party, she plans one fake date with him. Will Azalea finally discover love in Elias? Or will she stick with her plan of one fake date then leave him, and the idea of dating, be... [Read More...]