Her Unexpected Valentine

Her Unexpected Valentine

Her Unexpected Valentine is a Small Town, Older Woman Younger Man Age-Gap Romance.

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When you’re not looking for a Valentine, what do you do when two of them show up at your door?

With her marriage down the drain and her ex-husband moving on with her best friend, thirty-five-year-old Tessa Lockhart has no choice but to leave her beloved Minneapolis. She and her nine-year-old son Tommy settle in the charming small town of Aubern. Surrounded by nature, Aubern is a serene gem, and Tessa embraces her new, quiet life, content in raising her son until one day, two men show up at her door.

Brothers Rick and Connor Davis are the grandsons of Tessa’s close neighbors. They’ve just recently moved to Aubern and have come to invite Tessa to attend their grandparents’ anniversary dinner.

There’s something alluring about these good-looking brothers, and Tessa reconsiders her single status. Rick and Connor possess the qualities every woman is looking for in a man, including their attentiveness to her, and she struggles to make her choice.

Rick has a lot in common with Tessa. Mature and established, he will definitely be approved by her friends and relatives. In comparison, twenty-three-year-old Connor is on the verge of a career change and has no home of his own. He’s also younger than Tessa, and their age gap is considered inappropriate in the conservative town of Aubern.

Will the older brother’s security and confidence capture Tessa’s heart, or will the spontaneous younger Connor catch her eye?
Will Tessa follow her heart and make the best choice for her future? $0.99 on Kindle.
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