Free: Dirty Billionaires

“Taking what they want… these Billionaires don’t play by anyone’s rules—consequences be damned. Get ready to be owned, dominated, and consumed by these DARK and DIRTY alpha-holes… In a world where money is no object, Dirty Billionaires will test your boundaries by blurring the lines between right and wrong. Living in shades of gray, they exude the right combination of sex and sin to drive you out of your mind with desire. If you can’t handle being spanked or a kinky side that ... [Read More...]

Anger Bang

FREE ON KU! “Sometimes revenge came with orgasms. That was the beauty of it.” Really how bad can the wedding from hell get? Thea Pope is about to find out but thanks to the grumpy best man, she’ll have plenty of toe-curling fun too. Get your copy of Avery Flynn’s new hot RomCom free in Kindle Unlimited! It’s also available at all other retailers! $7.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Her Independence Day

Four untamed Marines. One girl on the serious rebound. Who said sparks only fly on the Fourth of July? Life hasn’t been easy… So I move in with my older brother temporarily while he’s away for business. To my surprise I won’t be staying alone. My roommates are four of my brother’s best friends. Strapping Marines. Sexy-as-hell brothers in arms. Dirty and protective. Some remember me as a kid. And all four stare at me like I’m a forbidden desert they’d do anything to taste. ... [Read More...]

Love is in the Air: a limited edition second chance romance collection

by Mandy Melanson (Author), Sierra Gamble (Author), Monique Brasher (Author), Ainsley Jaymes (Author), & 87 more Format: Kindle Edition Part of: Limited Edition Romance Collections (12 books) See all formats and editions Kindle $0.99 Read with Our Free App Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time around. That’s why life gives us second chances. This limited edition romance collection features 20+ stories of hope, happy ever afters, and the second chances it took to get the... [Read More...]

Secret Baby and the Bratva

I made it clear I didn’t want a relationship. That didn’t prevent me from getting pregnant. For nine months, I’ve hid the pregnancy from the brothers I hooked up with. I’ve needed time to decide how to tell them that I’m carrying their baby–the next heir in their mafia family. But they just walked into my hospital room and my secret is out. Can I trust that they really want me, or do they just want the baby that’s snuggled in my arms? Secret Baby and the Bratva is a hot, fast-pace... [Read More...]

The Meyet: Blood Birth: An Urban Fantasy Vampire Thriller

Vampires are real. And now Cat’s one of them. After being turned, Cat wakes as a blood-starved Meyet with no recollection of her mortal life. Her sire claims she’s his own, but that’s not the only confusing aspect of her dark new reality. There are the ancient traditions and culture of the seven cursed lineages of Meyet. Then there’s the Bloodline, the ruling council that keeps all Meyet in line. To make matters worse, each new Meyet develops a unique firesign or special ability. Cat’... [Read More...]

SEALed with a Kiss

WANTED: Three Scorching Hot SEALs seeking ONE special lady to satisfy our UNIQUE lifestyle. As I gawk at the photo of three ripped GQ models in my inbox, I wonder whether I should kiss my friends or whack them over their heads for setting me up on a fake dating profile. I should delete the email and get back to my business… But my curiosity simply won’t have it. Fast forward and I find myself sitting face to face with the most gorgeous and sinful trio. They’re even hotter than their photo... [Read More...]

Free: Luke’s Sin

She believes he betrayed her. To him, her lack of trust is her betrayal. But now someone wants her dead. No matter what is between them, he won’t ever let anything happen to her. Now he plans to show her enemies he can live up to his name, he is the devil. She already believes it. They will, too. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]