A Sun-Kissed Summer

A Sun-Kissed Summer

Seaside, Oregon.

Not just the place to be for their summer festival but also the perfect place for a girl’s trip.
Except, Acadia now has to go alone and fresh off a breakup.

With a little convincing, she packs a few suitcases–one full of her paints and some canvases–and flies halfway across the country for a month. It’s either nursing a broken heart in her apartment or nursing it on a beachfront cottage all to herself.
She’s hoping that a latte, pastry of the day, toes in the sand, and a canvas will be all she needs to feel a little less broken.

But then Carver, the owner of the cottage comes home—completely unexpected and completely distracting. And much like Acadia, his plans had changed last minute. She can see under his flirty demeanor and captivating smile that, much like Acadia, he was hurting too. Suddenly, she needed one more thing. To help him heal just as much as she needed to. And he seemed to reciprocate.
Soon, they were both forgetting exes and finding something resembling friendship in each other. And maybe something a little more.

But with an expiration date on Seaside, Acadia has to protect herself. She can’t let herself get too close to Carver, which is easier said than done.

But what if giving in to their hearts is the only way to heal? $2.99 on Kindle.
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