Bossed by Three Billionaire Brothers

Bossed by Three Billionaire Brothers

ME: “I don’t want drama in my life.”

ALSO ME: “A four-person polygamy with my best friend’s dad and his twin bros? Why yes!!!”

It started when my best friend proposed a Summer nanny gig with the Bradshaw trio.
Three silver fox billionaire brothers living in the luxurious French Riviera.

I’ve learned to equate men to heartache and pain.
Then I witness something that blows my mind: three devoted brothers raising a 2 year old little boy who lost both his parents.

Could I be wrong about men??
Time will tell but ONE thing’s certain…
These three demanding and bossy brothers have brought me to my knees. Literary!!

Sam, the oldest of the brothers and CEO of their company. He’s known me my whole life, and no longer sees me as his daughter’s best friend. He’ll be pleased to know I’m no longer the innocent little girl he once knew.

Sean, the least professional brother, has a mile-wide ego and a smile that makes me forget how much I hate men. I DESPISE how my body responds to his over-the-top and cocky character.

Seth, Sean’s twin. Determined to prove I’m not fit to work for them. Yet, whenever I enter a room, we both feel a sexual tension so POWERFUL that it’s almost unbearable to go unnoticed.

And when my poor best friend catches us four in the act ALL hell breaks loose.
A mysterious tabloid about our ‘four person polygamy’ only adds fuel to the fire — and threatens to jeopardize everything I’ve worked my life to build.

Can these three brothers prove me wrong about men and save me from an absolute NIGHTMARE?!?
Or will I regret ever opening myself up to love again? $0.99 on Kindle.
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