Broke Down Single Mom

Broke Down Single Mom

In the middle of a winter storm….
I’m stranded on the side of the road.
Zero money – and no food for my hungry little girls.
If I’ve ever needed a miracle it’s NOW.

Hopelessness sets in.
A Sheriff’s car pulls up.
From the looks of him this man is a giant. And intimidating as h*ll.

“You shouldn’t be here in the middle of a storm.”

“I had no other choice, Officer. My husband is a dangerous man.”

His face softens. “Did he hurt you, Ma’am?”

Sheriff Kellan makes a phone call to his twin brother, Fallon.
Fallon is quiet and reserved but he wastes no time getting my girls and I out of the harsh cold and into his tow truck.
I should be grateful but I feel suspicious. My ex has connections with the police.

The brothers introduce me to their friend, Luke.
Like his friends, Luke is a war veteran. And based on the way he carries himself, I would never have known he lost his leg in service.

Luke opens the doors to his breathtaking lodge to my little girls and I.
I should decline but I’m not exactly burdened with options here.

What if all this is a trap and a ticking time bomb?
Or what if these three ex-military alphas are genuine?
Could decent men truly exist in this hard cold world??
After all my past heartache and pain, the thought of opening myself up to men scares me even more than anything. Especially when something tells me these three men see me as so much more than a broke down single mom. $0.99 on Kindle.
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