Dirty X-mas Boo

Dirty X-mas Boo
Dsire Deck the halls with no evil

Christmas shopping thrusts me across the path of Francois, a dangerous yet playful mystery man.

We set a date, but a business opportunity I cant refuse forces me to make a heartbreaking choice.

Fate reunites me with Francois at the haunted plantation mansion where Im orchestrating 12 days of Christmas events.

The grump douses the chestnuts roasting on my-hoping-for-a-second-chance fire when he tries to get me to quit.

When that doesn’t work, he flirts his jolly way into my good graces.

When I find him hurt, I discover there is more to him than chiseled abs and flirtatious words.

As our connection deepens, he reveals his secret mission to catch a thief, a thief intent on framing and murdering Francois.

Compelled by desperation, we fake a romance to team up, but his performance is convincing.

He’s so convincing, my heart misses the message that this is imaginary, like the empty present boxes under the tree.

Only the danger posed by the murderous thief may surpass the danger to my heart. $0.99 on Kindle.
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