The General’s Gift

When Olympia left her hometown of Nolia, the Capital of the Kingdom of Palermo, to work her trade at Prince Wallen’s Castle in Behui, she never expected the turn of events. Being thrown in the middle of a castle siege and then taken as a spoil of war wasn’t in her job description. But to add insult to injury, Olympia wanted to scream when she was given as a gift to one of the commanders.

“This can’t be happening. All I want is to go home,” said Olympia.

Matteo had a lot on his plate commanding the mages’ company in the Third Battalion. He didn’t need or want a woman around him or among his men. His wife had died three years prior, and he had bowed to raise his boys and remain single. They were in the middle of a war “from crying out loud.” That was no place for a fragile woman. Neither wanted the other, but maybe they were what each other needed.

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