The Games We Play

Ali had been content keeping to herself and staying hidden from her abusive ex.

But when she meets two seemingly ordinary guys, Cam and Kace, the three of them develop an unexpected friendship that makes Ali feel like herself for the first time in years.

Cam and Kace aren’t just ordinary guys, though. They’re superstars in the Atlanta sports world, with their names and faces plastered all over town. But Ali didn’t know that, and they didn’t tell her the truth.

A lie that was never intended to hurt anyone.

But their little game ends up bringing danger back into Ali’s life, putting her at risk and causing her to push them away.

For Cam and Kace, walking away from Ali isn’t an option. They both want her. They both want to protect her. And despite being unable to choose between them, she can’t seem to say no to their game plan.

“You don’t have to choose, baby.”

With her ex lurking and her feelings for Cam and Kace growing more intense, Ali has to navigate the danger as well as the societal expectations of her new relationship. A balancing act that proves to be harder than she anticipated.

Will they succumb to the pressure? Or is this a game they can win together?

This fast-paced romance has laughs, swoony moments, and MAJOR spice. But beware, there is also assault, attempted sexual abuse, and kidnapping, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Written in 1st person, triple POV, with an HEA. $2.99 on Kindle.
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